Pretty Flamingo

There isn't really that much to see here :P

About me??

I'm a 18 yo awkward girl from Portugal probably with depression that is tired of spending all day doing nothing. That's why I decided to create this webiste. To continue doing nothing but on a cuter platform c:

I live in a house with lots of cats and dogs and birds and just the other day i found a mouse right in my bedroom. im not too proud about that but it was actually cute c: Also i just want to say that cat's are such useless beings... one of my cats was sleeping on my side and continued sleeping all through the moment of me trying to make the mouse come out of its hidding spot. But maybe that's for the best because I didn't really want the mouse to be dead. It was so cute OMG!!

Acutally what am I doing with my life. I don't really have anything interesting to show. I was just planning of talking about my life ahahah.

I do know that absolutelly no one cares. But also, who is reading this? Probably no one hahaha... so... I guess I don't have to worry about being lame?

Anyway I apreciate you visit!!

If you feel like talking to an akward (but I think nice?) person just e-mail me!